January 8, 2010

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CAN Entertainment

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Runways, F.antasia, F1

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F.Cuz, pronounced "focus," is a five-member boy band under CAN Entertainment in 2010. They have a notable fashion style combining pop art and hip hop.


Member ChangesEdit

CAN Entertainment announced on May 21, 2011 that member Lee-U would be leaving the group ito become a solo artist. Two new members, Raehyun and Daegun, were added for F.Cuz's For Century Ultimate Zest promotions.


Current MembersEdit

Stage name Birth name Birthday Position
Jinon Kim Jincheol July 13, 1989 Leader, Main rapper
Kan Choi Yeonghak September 30, 1991 Lead vocalist, Main dancer
Yejun Shim Yejun February 4, 1992 Lead vocalist, Maknae
Raehyun Kim Raehyun June 8, 1991 Vocalist (new member)
Daegun Kim Daegun October 27, 1990

Main vocalist (new member)

Former MembersEdit

Stage name Birth name Birthday Former position
Lee-U Lee Seunghyun March 20, 1990 Main vocalist


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