Invincible Youth is an idol reality show on Korean TV channel KBS. It follows a handful of idols from various girl groups who take the challenge to work on a farm and become self-sufficient.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 aired from October 2009 to December 2010 and featured seven idols, nicknamed "G7."


  • Nam Huiseok
  • Noh Juhyeon
  • Kim Taewoo
  • Kim Shinyoung
  • Song Euni

G7 MembersEdit

Throughout the season, some members left and others filled in for them.

  • Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
  • Hyomin (T-ara)
  • Sunny (Girls' Generation)
  • Yuri (Girls' Generation)
  • Sunhwa (Secret)
  • Hara (Kara)
  • Hyuna (4minute)
  • Jooyeon (After School)
  • Victoria (f(x))
  • Sori


  • Taemin (SHINee)
  • Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)

Season 2Edit

Season 2 aired from November 2011 to the present and features eight idols.


  • Boom
  • Ji Hyunwoo
  • Lee Su Geun
  • Kim Shinyoung

G8 MembersEdit

  • Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation)
  • Sunny (Girls' Generation)
  • Woori (Rainbow)
  • Yewon (Jewelry)
  • Bora (Sistar)
  • Amber (f(x))
  • Jiyoung (Kara)
  • Suzy (miss A)