In South Korea, various television stations each have their own music shows that showcase KPop idols' newest songs and announce the top artist each week.


The weekly show features a set of regular MC's, usually popular idols, who introduce each song. Each artist performs around 1 to 2 songs, with one intro song, often times a shorter, abbreviated version of a song on the album, and the promotional song.

An artist's "comeback stage" is the first performance of a particular song on that show; the "goodbye stage" is the last performance before they go into hiatus to prepare for the next single or to work on other activities.

At the end of each episode, that week's winner is announced based on the albums' physical and digital sales, the songs' digital sales, and the results of the online poll. An artist receives the Triple Crown after winning 3 times during the same promotional period on the same music show, and they are then removed from the list of contenders for the trophy in the following weeks in order to give other performers a chance to win the trophy as well.


Station Airtime (KST) Show
KBS Friday 6:10p Music Bank
MBC Saturday 4:20p Music Core
Mnet Thursday 6:00p M! Countdown
SBS Sunday 3:50p Inkigayo (Music Trend)
Arirang TV Tuesday 11:00a Simply K-pop