Ta-dah! It's B.A.P is a TV show aired on MTV Korea in January of 2012 before the official debut of B.A.P. The show introduces the members to the audience using a fictional storyline.


The members of B.A.P are aliens from the planet B124AP224, aka Mato, which stands for Masked Toki (toki means bunny in Korean). On their home planet, they gained energy from the high frequency sounds of the Eu-ak birds, which became endangered. They fled Mato to find a new source of energy. Landing on Earth, they discovered that the cheering of female human beings made a similar sound to the Eu-ak birds. They plan to conquer Earth as idols to harvest the energy of fangirls' screams.

Himchan is the commander of B.A.P, and he is always ordered around by Mato's governor, Jeon Hyosung of Secret. Zelo is Yongguk's robot, and Song Jieun of Secret is B.A.P's guardian angel. Himchan, Yongguk, and Zelo were the first to arrive on Earth, followed by Daehyun, Jongup, and Youngjae.


Episode Description
1 Introduction of B.A.P's "history," making a chant
2 Daehyun's "secret mission:" revealing the members' personalities
3 Yongguk becomes curious about female earthlings; cooking competion part 1
4 Cooking competion part 2; Jongup's dance tutorial
5 Interview and behind the scenes of debut showcase
6 Footage of debut showcase
7 Governor Hyosung is kidnapped, B.A.P goes to an amusement park on the mission to save her
8 B.A.P produces their own MV for "Secret Love"
9 Zelo is infected with a computer virus, he and Yongguk plan to take down Himchan's position as commander in a competition
10 (final) B.A.P hosts a talk show